We are not currently buying at this time.  Please check back in the Spring of 2020 after we move to our new location.

Buying Directly

Q: What do we buy?

A: Stuff we can sell! In general, we buy quality merchandise, in good condition.

Q: Do we take items on consignment?

A: Yes!  We consign larger items such as furniture, lighting, and fine art.  For smaller items, we buy quality items outright if we determine that there is a sufficient market for them.  Please see the consignment page for more information.

Q: How do my items get priced?

A: If you are unsure of how much to expect for your items, you can do your own research.  Go to Ebay.com, do an advanced search for comparable items but make sure that you select “completed listings”.  The green “SOLD” is what someone was willing to pay for the item.  The other stuff in red are prices that people were NOT willing to pay.  

So that’s the market price, it is not what a dealer pays.  A dealer will pay half to a third of the market price depending on the desirability of an item.  There is a considerable amount of overhead and work involved in selling items.  If you want the market price, you will have to sell the item(s) yourself on Ebay.com, Craigslist.com or another auction of your choosing.    These are other options for selling used items but we don’t endorse any of the above.  Do your own due diligence when selling your items.  


Q: How do I sell my items?

A: For larger pieces such as furniture, email us photos of items to us. Please include measurements on furniture, overall condition, and price you are requesting.  Keep in mind we are buying items for resale,  which is a tough market.  If you price items too high, it may discourage any offers. For smaller items, you can bring them in during the week.  Please include an inventory list or we can provide a generic receipt.

* Although we do our best to respond to seller requests, the high volume of inquiry emails and intake items may cause a delay in our response time  If you have an idea of your price point, it can save both parties time.  

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